The discovery of the Animalians were due to travelers who always shared stories of people they found wandering in the forest where it seemed they would disappear into thin air leaving them dazed until they were attacked by a wild animal. These stories grew and changed over time to hunters spotting animals that looked as if they had human eyes in the forests and seeing humans with animal eyes roaming around the village. Although sightings of these aren't common, every once in a while, the claims of Animalian sightings and stories come up leading their existance to be confirmed. It was not until decades later where the sightings of these odd  animals increased dramatically and the first group of Animalian were discovered. 



  • Hair Color: Varies on shifted form
  • Eye Color: Varies on shifted form
  • Skin Color: Varies on shifted form
  • Average Height: Varies on shifted form
  • Animalian  have physical characteristics of the animal they can shift into. these characteristics can vary on eye color, hair color, skin tone, and any physical markings. ie: Shapeshifter that can shift into a tiger, may have eyes similar to that of a tiger's and hair similar to the color of a tiger's coat. 


  • Animalians posess a more timid personality, finding more relief in their shapeshifted forms than human forms. Similar to their appearances, the personalities of Animalians vary on their form as perosnalities are direct derivations of the nature and traits of the animal they can transform into. 


  • Animal- Shapeshifting
Animalians are only able to fully transform into one realistic animal. (No half human/ animal hybrid)
Size of the animal stays true to nature, but can be slightly larger or smaller.
Strength of the' animal is only a little stronger than actual animal.
Ability of the animal is the same as actual animal. 
  • Shapeshifting- Human form
Animalian's main power and abilities come from their ability to transform into an animal. They utilize the observed nature and characteristics of that animal more rather than of a human.
In their human form, Animalians posess the same amount of strength and abiltiies as an ordinary human which allows them to blend in so well. 

Race SpecialtiesEdit

Animalians have the unique ability to hone into one animal. (Animal can not be changed) They rely on the strength and ability of their animal forms for survival in various environments along with their animal instincts. Their human forms, apperance, and personality are highly reliant on the animal they transform into. Similar to animals of the wild, some Animalians are more aggressive or timid than others. 

Acceptable Animal TransformationsEdit

Tigers Panthers Lions Jaguar Cougar Leopard
Coyote Cheetah Hyena Lynx Bears


Fox Dog (Domestic)

Cat (Domestic)

Hawks Eagles Vultures
Owls Crow/Raven Snakes (NonPoisonous) Komodo Dragon Aligator Crocodile
Sharks Dolphin Horses Elephant Rhinoceros Gorilla
Chimpanze Bobcat Snow Leopard Puma Zebras Octopus
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